100 Years and Counting

The Mrofka Family Vineyard comes from great roots. Rescued from a planned demolition and transplanted in 2013, the 100 year-old vines in the foreground are now growing strong with fruitful harvests and the owners are proud.

When the Old Vine Mission vineyard was scheduled for tear-down, our team jumped into action to preserve these beautiful 100 year-old vines. Transplanted here in 2013, they are now a success story of what a well-trained, well cared-for vineyard should look like. These represent our commitment to rescuing and adopting out Cucamonga's old vines when they are target to be destroyed to make way for new development.  These two Old Vines provided enough fruit last year to make a full gallon of wine.  Three 40' rows of trellised Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and Muscat of Alexandria grapes were also installed in the front of the home, at the left side of the home.  In 2014, this vineyard produced its first small batch of wine.  In 2015, the young vineyard produced more than 8 gallons of finished wine...Cabernet Sauvignon and Sparkling Moscato!