Our Story

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My Home Vineyard has designed, installed, planted and managed over 150 vineyards in the Southern California area, ranging from Hollywood to San Diego to the High Desert and as far east as Palm Desert. It was founded by George Walker, who moved from Indiana to Rancho Cucamonga, California in 2000. Motivated by his new home's rich heritage for vineyard growing and wine making (the Cucamonga Valley), he passionately attained his own vineyard growing and winemaking dreams.  As his passion for winemaking continued to grow even stronger, he founded the Cucamonga Valley Vintners Cooperative and My Home Vineyard

My Home Vineyard grew out of the Cucamonga Valley Vintners Cooperative (aka, the CoOp). The CoOp, launched in 2006, offered family, friends, winelovers and even non-winelovers from all walks of life the opportunity to gather together at George's home to create and bottle home wines, and enjoy drinking their creations together. But in order to have wine you must first have grapes, so My Home Vineyard was founded to help people attain their own vineyard dreams, and to properly manage their vineyards to bring them to a fruitful harvest.

George's passion continues to grow.  His commitment to helping others share in his passion for vineyard growing and winemaking is unwavering.  He takes great pride in his work and in the work of his crew.  Moreover, he revels in the excitement and happiness of his customers after they have attained their own vineyard dreams.