Most people only dream of having their own vineyard. Let us help you attain your own vineyard dream.

We create custom-designed  vineyards for our clients. You can maintain your vineyard yourself with a little expert advice, or we can
take care of the whole process for you, from soup to nuts, from vineyard installation to finished wine. We do it all.
Our individualized solutions are suited for residential, commercial, and non-profit spaces.  Whether you want a couple vines or a couple thousand, our professional, caring, and well-trained staff will take care of you and your dream vineyard.

Commercial vineyards
Home vineyard


You don't need several acres to have a private vineyard. We have planned and maintained vineyards in home spaces as small as 30 square feet and as large as you might imagine..

vineyards for non-profits


Vineyards are serene environments to take a deep breath and relax. Your educational institution or retreat center should consider a vineyard for therapeutic, relaxation or just aesthetic purposes.


Rental properties and office buildings are just two examples of commercial spaces that can benefit from a custom vineyard. Tenants will love the view. You will love the feedback.

Coming soon!  George Walker's new book...
"Cucamonga Valley Wine:  The Lost Empire of American Winemaking" 
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The Reasons Are Many

You probably don't need many reasons to plant a vineyard, Just a little encouragement. But here are some reasons anyway.

  • Grape vines are drought tolerant and water friendly.
  • A well cared for vineyard is an attractive landscape.
  • They are great for the kids and grand kids.
  • A vineyard can increase your property value.
  • There are hundreds of different grape varieties to choose from for planting.
  • You can grow your own fruit to eat and/or drink.
  • Whether you grow table grapes to eat or wine grapes to make wine, gift-giving will never be a problem.
  • A vineyards is a great conversation piece and makes a great entertainment environment. 

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We promise it'll be worth your while. Your grapes will thank you.